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excursions in the hinterland of Cattolica

Spend a holiday in Cattolica is also the best way to discover the hinterland with its villages and the malatesta fortresses, medieval villages and the hills that overlook the sea.


It is located on the border between Romagna and the Marche and is renowned for the beauty and the romantic charm of the Castle, but also for its historical importance. The village was one of the most important settlements of the Malatesta family, and still today you can admire the powerful equipment of war. Around the castle, all the streets are passable to allow visitors a peaceful stroll.

San Leo

The small village of the hinterland of rimini, is situated on the highest of the mountains of the whole Apennines, the Monte Feliciano. On the summit stands the majestic Fortress, which is one of the most beautiful of the military architecture of the florentine Renaissance. At the center of the country, on the contrary, overlooking the piazzetta, there are two churches: the ancient Parish church of pre-romanesque style, and the Cathedral of the lombard-romanesque style.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino on mount Titano, overlooking the entire area, from Piazza della Libertà offers a breathtaking panorama. Pleasant to spend here an entire day and have the opportunity to visit both the Gallery of modern and contemporary art is the State Museum. Also famous for its outlet, you will find a lot of shops for hours of shopping.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Located on the Hill of Jupiter, walking distance from Rimini, is one of the most beautiful villages of the area. Rich in historical monuments, such as the famous great Bell, the Malatesta Fortress and the Arch of Pope Clement XIV is also characterized by a real underground world, made up of caves and tunnels dug by man, that were once used for food storage or refuge during sieges.

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